From the Ice Party (kickoff event for the Winter Classic)

This was prior to me making Riot Punch for the actual game :)

I can has ....

NIN tickets, June 3rd.

10 rows back from the floor which should be good.  I might have to re-live my younger days and rush security to get in to the floor area (lullz)  I don't think I'm as agile as I was then though ...

Trent said something about taking an extended break from NIN, so who knows ... could be my last shot to see them again.  Tom Morello's new project isn't too bad either, but I still think A Perfect Circle was a hard opener to follow.

Oh ... and then there's that Jane's Addiction band I guess ... *shrug*

brownie test run #1

going from memory (last made these 10 years ago or so)

2 cups sugar
1 cup flour
2 eggs
1 stick butter
2/3 cup cocoa
1 tblspoon vanilla
1 tspoon salt

preheat oven to 350

melt butter, mix with sugar, salt, vanilla
add eggs, mix
sift + add flour, mix
put into greased pan (8x8 I think ...)

cook for 30min @ 350

batter tasted decent, but the consistency is a little thicker than I remember.  I didn't overmix, so hopefully they don't come out like a heavy cake vs brownie wonderfulness.

pictures and taste test to follow

Angry Whopper

I tried the Angry Whopper last week (before the ads started up, or at least before I had seen any) and it was ok.  Then I see the ads that depict it as a seriously hot burger ...  which it is in no way close to. 

I'm not the sort who has to buy exotic hot sauces and all that, but I do think that hot should equate to at least the level of tabasco or something.  I pity any person who has a palatte that thinks this thing has a serious kick to it ... they must lead a very boring life food-wise.  

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happy new years

my liver hurts

now the fire alarm for my apt building is going off.  Joy.  I macgyvered a towel over it so my ears aren't bleeding ... but still.  cmon.

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I wonder about how people view me.

It seems like everybody drops me into a different bucket. I've had people refer to me as frat boy-ish, a nerd, and most things in-between. I guess it depends on when people have met me.

The folks I know from high school most likely remember me as a nerdy kid who was weird, but ended off things hanging out with some of the guys who partied a lot. I met a lot of people through drama and music competitions in high school, so there's people who associate me with that. I was really apathetic in high school, yet I did well enough on tests to keep myself in the AP classes and whatnot. I suppose I could have had a good GPA if I ever felt like working on it, but most classes were boring. I didn't care enough to work on them. Anything that interested me, I'd get an A. Anything that didn't, I'd get a high C, low B.

In college I was the person doing flaming 151 shots and building industrial beer funnels. Then there are the people who knew me strictly from class where I'd be a wise-ass, asleep, or bored. One professor's class was normally beer time for me. I'd sit in the back of lecture or our lab (I didn't want to be blatant) and she'd be fine with it (This particular professor liked me quite a bit ...). Lots of people assumed I just partied all the time and wasn't really a true compsci kid, but they also didn't know the me who was raised playing with computers ... learning how edit hex for old computer games, poking at my local ISP's systems, rebuilding computers for my high school.

Suppose this is going on for a bit too long, but I guess the ending thought is - It's odd how people can come across and I wonder about the people I vaguely know - both how I perceive them and guessing how they perceive me.